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Black Lives Matter & No Bullying Campaign!!!!


We are looking for 15 artist, you can sing, rap, or poetry. YOU HAVE 3 MINUTES AND 3 MINUTES ONLY TO PERFORM YOUR TALENT. You are welcome to submit video or song. You can send your video or song to the following  email  bjmprodd@yahoo.com, There is a $50 registration fee, $10 is due upon submission and $40 if you are chosen as ONE of the top 15 artist. And if you are chosen you will perform at Lux Theater 8/28/2016, if you win the showcase, then you will receive the following: 1) You will get to perform in front of Ms. Deb(from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta also better known as Waka Flocka Flames mother) on 9/25/2016 2) you will get to sit and talk with Ms. Deb in VIP 3) you will get 4 VIP tickets for friends and family 5) you will get 15 hours of artist development from the Stella Loisir Team 6) you will get a layout in magazine 7) you will get 2 hours block studio time 8) you will get one song produced by a well-known producer and last but not least 9) you will be crowned new artist of 2016.

 ***You can make payments using the PAYPAL PAY NOW button ***

Featured Artist

Featured artist will pay $1000 and will be the ONLY artist to perform 3 songs in front of Ms. Deb, you will perform two nights one song on 8/28/2016 and three songs on 9/25/2016. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEATURED ARTIST AND IF THAT'S YOU AND WANT THIS OPPORTUNITY THERE WILL BE A $500 DEPOSIT AND THE OTHER $500 IS DUE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF EVENT. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO BENNIE ROBINSON AT billionaireroyalties@gmail.com OR MICHAEL JONES AT BJMPRODD@YAHOO.COM